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latest blog about us

Comfort and Activeness Combined


Maybe these aren’t the best days we think about getting ripped… or maybe they are!

Despite the pandemic, it's not the time to settle down, and give up on your routine.

It's time to gear up for the worst times, and prepare your mind and body for the worst

Treat yourself better with the right accessories and active wear to get yourself going!

This is where we come in.

Where we combine active wear with comfort design, to make sure that nothing can stop you.


We Are…


An active wear brand that focuses on delivering breathable clothing.

You read that right, breathable clothing. Much respect to a lot of other clothing brands, but not many of the local or even international clothing brands focus on the breathability in clothing.

Yes, a lot of them provide comfort wear but where’s the comfort when you can't feel air going through the spaces of her clothing. Most of the brands design clothing which cuts the air as well as blood flow, when in momentum.

Our products have imported fabrics, which not only make it easy to breathe, but they are also made up of super strong fabrics, for strong durability.



More like a passion, we want to promote fitness and physical training for people of every age. We’re passionate about making our customers a regular workout enthusiast.

We want them to embrace the rush and push through their hard times by a fit mind and a fit body.
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